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With the outbreak of the coronavirus in recent years, many business ventures have shut down. Therefore, capable consultants and consultants similar to Rakibul Hasan Razu step in to help companies in business growth, visibility & many more. In his early years, Rakibul Hasan Razu ascended the Digital Marketing Sector with his extensive knowledge.
Razu, who was just 16 years old at the time, had begun his entrepreneurial career. Notwithstanding his age, he couldn’t dismiss the thought of what he wanted to attain in his life, and he set his head on achieving in-depth knowledge of business and how the industry works.
Around 2017, he began learning about the new startup trends and techniques that were popular at that time and how to implement them.In a short period, Razu started his journey with a marketing job at Beximco Communications Ltd (Akash DTH) as a distribution house manager.With diligent hard work, he became one of the youngest and most sought-after Digital Marketers.
Rakibul Hasan Razu (Born: December 01, 1999) is a serial entrepreneur who is the founder of a voluntary social organization named the Blood Bank of Nakla and Swadhin Foundation. Razu was born in Sherpur District and raised in Nakla, Sherpur, Bangladesh. He also loves to serve the nation, and serve the helpless needy people. Currently working with Sentosh IT Limited. They have some experienced team members with unique skills. Sentosh IT Limited is a Digital Marketing Agency focused on helping businesses develop Brands, Marketing, and Innovative strategies to achieve the best potential outcome.

“As an entrepreneur, I’ve proven my skill in untangling an opportunity for profit. I act like an adviser to startups and enterprises, and I consult them on how to turn ideas and opportunities into a strategy that leads to long-term success.” Says Razu.
In addition to creating successful brands or e-commerce companies, the entrepreneur has developed technology solutions that have attracted the unwavering attention of global industry leaders. With a clear understanding of the intricacies of the business world, Rakibul Hasan Razu is working with a diverse group of clients who are actuating prestigious companies and organizations. Motivated by a vision and powerful ideas, Rakibul Hasan Razu has developed an appreciation for mentorship and is skilled at providing significantly better answers to complicated business situations for the companies he manages. He also enjoys collaborating on nascent startups and offering unique opportunities for organizations to expand their operations. Additionally, he strives to achieve or surpass his clients’ objectives by laying the foundation for a trusting relationship with them while fostering a friendly environment that’s comfortable and easy for them. His inexhaustible endurance to thrive and become mounted on a critique pushes his customers to look for him as a private helper.In addition to his expertise and ability to deliver sensible results while striking a perfect balance between strategy and tactics, Rakibul Hasan Razu possesses the qualities of an analytical problem solver, enabling him to be the best in his field.
For further information, visit the website rhrazu.dotmirror.com
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